2014 is a BIG Year for Changes

//2014 is a BIG Year for Changes

2014 is a BIG Year for Changes

2014 is a BIG year in the medical industry. There are several major deadlines every practice should know about and make sure they prepare for. All of the deadlines require SIGNIFICANT changes BEFORE the deadline.

April 1, 2014: New CMS 1500 02/12 Form
All Paper Claims, including rebills, must be on the new CMS Form. Billing software must be compatible with the new form or the claims will be rejected. (Medisoft v19 & Lytec 2014 are the only Medisoft & Lytec versions compatible)
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April 8, 2014: Windows XP No Longer HIPAA Compliant
Microsoft will discontinue security patches for Windows XP. This not only makes the hardware non-compliant with HIPAA but it makes you very susceptible to viruses, spam, malware, and hackers. Anyone runnign this older version of Windows needs to update their system.

July 1, 2014: Last Chance to Qualify for Meaningful Use in 2014
Practices not on EMR & Meeting Meaningful Use Requirements will be penalized in 2015. If a practice is reporting Meaningful Use for the first time they must start by July 1st to get the required 90 day period. Implementing EMR and meeting Meaningful Use does not happen overnight. Anyone who wants to avoid the penalties needs to implement their EMR asap! We have implemented hundreds of practices on EMR and can help- Call us today at 888-988-7795.

October 1, 2014 changed to at least October 1, 2015: Mandated Switch to ICD-10
Don’t be fooled into thinking you can wait until September to get ready for this. This change is the biggest change in healthcare in over 30 years. ICD-10 effects everyone in the practice and requires more than just a last minute software upgrade. Download Small Practice ICD-10 Guide
We understand that small practices have a lot on their plate and we are here to help you. We have helped thousands of small practices across the nation prepare for government deadlines, become more profitable, and improve patient care! If you are not prepared for any of these deadlines call us today at

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