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About PBC Solutions

PBC Solutions is one of the fastest growing medical billing, auditing, healthcare accounting and receivable management companies in California.  Our background comes from accounting and auditing in addition to healthcare reimbursement which has put us in advantage over other companies to emphasize primarily on revenue analysis  and reimbursement in all branches that are available to our clients.

Cost Report auditing and working with training facilities for residency and fellowship education program reimbursement has also helped us gain knowledge and expertise in all categories of Cost Report auditing and collecting all underpayments applied to unique programs available to hospitals, clinics, etc.

Why PBC Solutions

From a vast majority of healthcare reimbursement experience to staying atop of all changing laws, rules and regulations that affect healthcare providers and facilities.
We are continuously educating our team with changing laws and regulations by participating in extended learning programs that effect the healthcare industry.  All our certifications are renewed and added with new certifications that become available in our line of work.  
Our ultimate goal for all our clients is to maximize revenue and increase operational gain.
Our services are charged based on a percentage and we only collect from our clients after they receive their reimbursement funds.

Principal Founder

Lala Ohanian
Lala Ohanian