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Medical billing, claims and coding is a vital function for any healthcare facilities where insurance is accepted.  All our providers rely on us as billing and coding specialist to keep accurate records, including patient treatment records, insurance information, payment plans, outstanding bills and payments received to maximize revenue.

To claim 100% of entitled insurance receivables it is crucial to be up to date with medical terminology, insurance forms, diagnostic codes, procedural codes and procedures to process medical claims.

In addition to routine billing, coding and claims process for each visit per patient, we focus on coding tools that will help providers collect on all additional time and effort that was given for patient treatment.  Areas of additional reimbursement can be found in:

  • Add on codes
  • Codes without allowables
  • Correct code editors
  • Maximizing allowed units for procedure codes
  • Modifiers
  • Clinical edits
  • Global billing/periods
  • Unlisted codes