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Aside from collecting on insurance reimbursements, cash-pay patients and collecting on copay, coinsurance and deductible balance sets a large impact on every practice.

Keeping a close eye on accounts that are patient responsibility is important.  Our collection services consist of:

  • Patient invoicing/billing
  • Superbills
  • Tracing patients
  • Collecting
  • Applying payments, adjustments to patient accounts
  • Auditing patient accounts for payment accuracy

The collection of debt is one of the most challenging issues faced by administrative staff.  PBC Solutions can take over your collection process and collect on these liquid account receivables.  We follow FDCPA rules, regulations and policies.  We follow and disclose on all communication and correspondences regarding the debt collection standards.  Skip-tracing software available to us is commonly used to assist us in finding the patient and collecting on the balance.