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Once physicians have graduated from medical school, they usually spend 3-7 years in Graduate Medical Education (GME) training at a training facility such as a teaching hospital, university hospitals, etc.

The Medicare program associated with these GME training programs reimburses its share of costs of educating residents via a reimbursement program called Direct Graduate Medical Education (DGME) payments to training facilities to cover costs directly related to educating residents.

Patient care treatments referred to as Indirect Medical Education (IME) payments are also reimbursable by this Medicare program to account for the higher costs of the complex patient teaching hospitals for treating on highly specialized care they provide.

Variance and non-recognizable projected funding that have not been claimed by training facilities can affect future reimbursement rate adjustments and the ability of these schools to train future physicians.

Throughout the years of auditing training facilities for underpayment of Medicare payments, we have established a process in place to review and recognize these variances that are entitled to you as a training facility which have not been claimed and recognized in your financials.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss in detail the advantages of claiming 100% projected budget set forth by Medicare for your entity and to review most recent Annual Cost Report to identify underpayments of reimbursable funds.