Review Your 2014 PQRS Interim Claims Feedback Data

//Review Your 2014 PQRS Interim Claims Feedback Data

Review Your 2014 PQRS Interim Claims Feedback Data

If you are an individual eligible professional who has reported at least one PQRS quality measure this year via claims-based reporting, you can now view first quarter data (January 2014 – March 2014) regarding your submission(s) using the 2014 PQRS Interim Feedback Dashboard.

The Dashboard will let you monitor the status of your claims-based measures and measures group reporting and see if you are meeting the PQRS reporting requirements. You can log-in and review your 2014 PQRS data on a quarterly basis.

You can access the Dashboard through the Physician and Other Health Care Professionals Quality Reporting Portal, with Individual Authorized Access to the CMS Computer System (IACS) sign-in.

Dashboard Resources
The following CMS resources can help you access your 2014 PQRS interim feedback data:

The Dashboard only provides claims-based data for 2014 interim feedback.

The Dashboard does not provide:

  • Final data analysis for full-year reporting
  • Indication of incentive eligibility or subjectivity to payment adjustment/value modifier
  • Data from other CMS programs
  • Data submitted via methods other than claims

Data submitted via other 2014 reporting methods will be available for review in the fall of 2015 through the final PQRS feedback report or the QRUR for 2014 PQRS GPROs.

For More Information about PQRS
For more information about participating in PQRS, visit the PQRS website. For additional support or questions, contact the QualityNet Help Desk.